Facilities Updates

May 2, 2022 | Beacon, News

We have been fortunate to have two full-time caretakers for many years. With the departure of Joseph Newman and the Board’s goal of sustainability, we will not be hiring a new caretaker at this time. That means we have less capacity for specialized, on-the-spot campus services previously provided by staff. Furthermore, as of July 1, Dianne Upton will be going to half-time. With these significant reductions to our facilities staff, we will be implementing some changes that may affect members. Those changes include:

  • Members and renters will be responsible for setting up and tearing down any set-ups. This includes cleaning off tables and sweeping the floors if needed. Instructions and supplies will be placed in multiple locations.
  • The building hours may be limited. With reduced staffing hours, there may be times no one is scheduled to be on site. We are working on a plan to bring responsible members in to help alleviate this issue, but until we are able to train members, we may have to keep the building closed at times.
  • Sundays and special events take priority for staffing.

We thank you for your understanding!

by Dianne Upton, Facilities Manager