A Message from Rev. Steve Furrer

As a member of East Shore, you are a vital part of our congregational community as we live, learn, and grow together in the fulfillment of our common mission. Among ESUC’s many good causes and service opportunities you have found your place—or are finding your place—where your individual light and creative touches are appreciated and where you can meaningfully serve others. Here you have found—or are discovering—wholesome peers who share your interests and your passions and who are resolved to join you in doing what we can to improve the world.

Churches, like individuals, naturally go through energetic ebbs and flows. There are times when our common mission becomes obscured or temporarily forgotten. But there are other times when collective clarity returns. It is my hope and prayer that we are on the cusp of such a time today: poised to address the wonderful challenge of becoming a truly beloved community.

Our mission was never more vital for our greater community than it is today. Informed by our Seven Unitarian Universalist Principles, our mission guides our activities and all our programming. It reminds us to love one another, recognizing that doing so takes practice and commitment. It reinforces our promise to work for justice. And it helps us remain steadfast in these resolves by providing a place of support and renewal in the midst of life’s challenges and demands—a place where we can Dream Big together and then work together to realize those dreams.

This year’s Mission Fund Drive Team is asking all ESUC members and friends to rededicate ourselves to our mission: to be truly “ALL IN” for East Shore. I invite you to jump on board and fully support your church.

In abiding liberal faith,

Stephen Furrer, Developmental Minister

Doug Strombom, Mission Fund Drive Co-Chair

When I reflect back over my 12 years at East Shore, I feel a deep gratitude for the encouragement the church has given for my personal growth.  Growth isn’t always comfortable, but it is always worthwhile.  My current favorite UU hymn says, “open your heart everyone” and “don’t be afraid of some change.” Those are important words that I’ll continue to live by.  I fully support our mission and our church. I hope you’ll join us and be All In for East Shore!

Join us on Sunday, April 21 for an “All In” Celebration Breakfast!

Our Members Speak for the Mission

Kim Espinoza, Member since 2017

I see East Shore’s mission as a mission of wellness. When I explore spirituality I seek wellness for my mind. East Shore makes me feel safe to question what I know. When I practice love I seek wellness for my heart. East Shore nurtures my love for myself and others.  When I build community I seek wellness for us. East Shore gives me and my family opportunities for fellowship. When I promote justice I seek wellness for all. East Shore gives me the tools I need to build a better world, both within and outside the church. East Shore draws me to the mission through services and programs, such as Family Covenant Circle,  Religious Education and groups dedicated to issues of social justice. I am thankful to East Shore for being a part of my life as we take these paths toward well-being together.

Nick Langrock, ESUC Young Adult

I have attended East Shore with my family for the past six years. I have been a member of the religious education and youth group since the sixth grade. I am now 17 and this is a place where I feel like I truly belong. I have made strong connections with everyone here by taking OWL classes, learning about social justice issues and working on environmental causes.

It is important for me to belong to an open community where I can express my thoughts. East Shore is a special place where I am finding my spiritual path. I am not being told there is only one definite path. I am encouraged to explore many spiritual paths and choose what is right for me.

I think East Shore is an inclusive place for people of all ages, ethnicities, different abilities and sexual orientations. I especially appreciate hearing sermons based in reality that challenge me to see the world as it is and how we can make it better for everyone.

All In for Education!

East Shore provides lifelong religious learning opportunities for our members and partners.  From pre-school through high school and adulthood.  Under the direction of our award-winning Director of Lifelong Learning, Aisha Hauser, our education programs focus on ethical, social and spiritual growth, healthy comprehensive sexuality education, diversity and inclusion.

Stretch Goals: Robust RE staffing, such as a Young Adult Coordinator role!  Laptops and speakers for classrooms!  A mural for the Education Building by a Seattle-based POC artist!

All In for Earth and Social Justice!

East Shore is engaging in difficult conversations when it comes to Social Justice.  Our dedicated volunteers and staff are taking a stance on Black Lives Matter, diversity and inclusion, housing homeless men, helping to shelter women, cooking meals, tutoring in schools, and reducing our impact on the climate and earth.

Stretch Goals: Let’s take significant action on Affordable Housing!  Let’s make our campus more sustainable!  Let’s host speakers for Climate and Social Justice!

All In for Unity!

When we act in unison, our UU voices are strong on behalf of our constituents, our surrounding community, governmental policies and wide social impact.  Members and Staff have been increasingly engaging in restorative circles which have resulted in more connection among the community. Our dedicated Right Relations team cares deeply about your needs and our congregational health.

Stretch Goals: Let’s fully embrace Restorative Work and make sure every voice is respectfully heard!  An Intern or Associate Minister!  Full-time office staff to be East Shore’s welcoming voice!

All In for Community!

Whatever your spiritual, social or justice interests, we sincerely hope you will find a supportive community within East Shore.  The groups that you give your energy to will reward you with friendships and life-enriching experiences.  Young families, Covenant circles, Youth, Men and Women’s Groups, Musicians, Gardeners, Cooks, Vegetarians, Craftspersons, Students, Teachers, Artists… we want you to find a group to join with all of your passions.

Stretch Goals: Robust program funding for our new Music Director!  More marketing and online presence for East Shore!  Volunteer and leadership development! 

Mission Fund Drive At-a-Glance

Our Preliminary Financial Outlook for FY2019-20

Regularly recurring pledge payments form the bedrock of ESUC’s financial foundation.

Stretch Pledging Target: $800,000

If we meet our stretch target of $800,000, East Shore will be able to expand our mission work significantly!

How East Shore Uses Resources: East Shore pays staff salaries and benefits, operates and maintains our property, makes an impact for justice through our ministry efforts, and supports the larger UU movement.


Practice Love: 25% Ministry, 25% Core
Explore Spirituality: 25% Ministry, 100% Music, 50% Lifelong Learning, 25% Core
Build Community: 25% Ministry, 100% Membership, 50% Lifelong Learning, 25% Core
Promote Justice: 25% Ministry, 100% Social Justice, 25% Core
Loan: 100% Loan

What Should I Give?

As members, we have a shared responsibility for the financial support of our church. Your pledge is a personal choice you must decide based on your current life and financial circumstances. For many, a pledge of 5% can be easily reached or surpassed. For others, such a goal may be difficult. If so, please consider making an initial pledge of 2% or 3% and increasing it, as your circumstances permit. If you can afford to pledge more, you will help others who are unable to do so. Use the following chart of monthly payments to help choose the amount right for you:

When you model generosity, you light a path for others to follow. By matching your values with your dollars, you benefit yourself as well as others because your actions match your aspirations. Giving feels good, and generous giving feels even better! ESUC needs and appreciates your generous giving. If you have any questions or concerns, or need a waiver from pledging, please talk to our Membership Development Manager, Nicole Duff.

Sustainable Giving

Sustainable Giving helps East Shore sustain church operations for the foreseeable future. As our operating costs increase, Sustainable Giving has an option for annual percentage increases in giving. A small increase can make a huge difference in our five to ten year financial plan. We are asking everyone who is comfortable with sustained giving to become a Sustainable Giver starting this year.

You simply pledge as normal, and indicate you’d like to become a Sustainable Giver and how much you’d like your pledge to increase in subsequent years. For example, if you are giving $200 a month and sign up for a 5% increase, the following year you would give $210 a month.

Questions? Talk to Membership Development Manager, Nicole Duff.

How Can I Pay My Pledge?

There are many pledge payment options:  Automatic Bank Withdrawal (ACH), Credit Card, Check, Cash and others. However you choose to pay, we very much value your contribution! Our website has details of how to perform each method of payment.

  • For cost efficiency, we urge every member to sign up for monthly Automatic Bank Withdrawals. Payments will be made effortlessly until you decide to change or stop them. The easiest way to set up an automatic bank withdrawal is to attach a voided check to your updated pledge form.
  • Other payment methods are much less efficient or cost the church money. Credit cards charge 2-4% fees.
  • Weekly or monthly cash or checks require significant manual bookkeeping effort.

Special Methods to Consider

The new tax law makes it more likely people will benefit from taking a now higher standard deduction on their tax return. There are a few ways you may be able to maximize the impact of your giving, and your deduction! Please consult your tax advisor first before using these methods.

  • Donor Advised Funds (DAF) – Donors make a bulk donation to their account (and benefit from high itemized deductions), and distribute the money to non-profit organizations over several years.
  • Payroll Deductions and Employer Matching Gifts: Some members have opted to utilize incentive programs at their place of employment to fulfill their pledge. If your employer excludes religious organizations, you may be able to utilize a third-party workplace giving application such as Benevity.
  • IRA Distributions – If you are receiving income from an Individual Retirement Account, you may be able to use pre-tax IRA distributions to pay East Shore, saving you taxes on that portion of your income.

If you have questions on any of these types of methods, please reach out to Membership Development Manager, Nicole Duff and she can put you in contact with a member already doing this!

However you choose to pay, we very much value your contribution!  Please contact Vanessa, East Shore’s Bookkeeper for any issues related to your payments.