How do we pay for the inspiration and the transformation?

Every Unitarian Universalist Church is solely responsible for funding its own programs and day-to day operations. East Shore’s operating fund supplies the financial resources we need to assure quality worship, a strong RE program for youth, continuing education for life long learning and the necessary funds for community action, outreach, maintaining our buildings, and fairly compensating our staff. Roughly 70% of our operating budget comes directly from the contributions of our members and friends.

East Shore’s budget 2017-2018 will be more than $1,000,000, of which $735,000 will come from member pledges. The major portion of the remaining funds come from facility rentals, special events like the auction, and endowment income, with minor amounts from the gallery, and the collection plate. The church’s detailed income and expense budget is open to any member and copies are available at the church reception desk.