The amount you give isn’t important. What matters is what that amount represents in terms of your life- Jim Rohn

Each of us has an opportunity to experience a generous heart as we make a financial contribution to this religious community which enriches our lives. As members, we have a shared responsibility for the financial support of our church. When you think about what to give, please consider what the church and its values mean to you and our greater community.

The UUA Fair Share guidelines suggest deciding on the amount to give as a percentage of your annual income, while taking into account any unusual expenses you may have. For many, a pledge of 5% can be easily reached or surpassed. For others, such a goal may be difficult. If so, please consider making an initial pledge of 2% or 3% and increasing it, as your circumstances permit, until you reach 5%. If you can afford to pledge more, you will help others who are unable to do so.  Use the following chart of monthly payments to help choose the amount you wish to give.

How do I Balance Giving to East Shore with Supporting Other Good Causes?

Most East Shore members give generously, not only to the church but also to a wide range of organizations that share our common interest in social justice, peace, the environment, and supporting the needy. East Shore works with many outside groups and brings them into our worship services through the Second Sunday offering.

While our church has a common interest with many other groups, the church is different in one very significant way. The church exists to support and transform you. As a member of East Shore you are a valued part of a caring community. As a community we share your joys, we share your sorrows, and as a community we work together to change the world around us.

How Should I Use the UUA Fair Share Guidelines?

The UUA Fair Share guidelines reflect both commitment to our shared values, involvement in the community, and the level of our means. We all vary in each of these factors. The percentage you decide to pledge should reflect your level of commitment to East Shore:

  • East Shore is your spiritual community. You care for the both the values and the people. Your Fair Share contribution reflects East Shore’s importance in your life. Regardless of the money amount, your contribution is a statement of your values.
  • You’ve joined East Shore seeking a faith community, but you are not strongly involved, and are still connecting with the people. You may be contributing, but your charitable money goes a lot of other places, too. If you are still looking for connection, please talk with Rev. Elaine, Nicole Duff our Membership Manager, or your Connection Team leader. There is a place for you here!
  • You are dealing with challenges in your life – career, relationships, connections. This is not an easy time to give even if you recognize the importance of the church in your life. If this is you, remember that the church community is here to support you through the difficult times of life. You are valued for all the gifts you bring to the community. Please consider a donation that at least covers the per-member $86 that East Shore contributes to the UUA.

I am giving my time to the church. Do I need to give money, too?

Each of us has different gifts to bring to change the world. We have gifts of music, sympathy, perseverance, art, green thumbs, kindness, humor, financial acumen, physical strength, and many more. If we lack a specific gift to share, we make up for it with others. But we should not withhold any one of our gifts, because we are giving another. The church needs all of our gifts, especially money, to exist. The level of your support should reflect both your values and your financial means.