Have You Used Realm?

Mar 26, 2020 | News

by Nicole Duff, Membership Development Manager

As we are working on finding new ways to connect with one another, we invite all of you to use the online directory to grow in our beloved community. Realm is our all inclusive online directory. It has your information, pledge information, ways to give, register for events, AND lets you talk to one another! Everyone needs to log in and update their information, including their privacy settings so you can connect with one another. During this time at home, I encourage each of you to take 15 minutes to log on, update your profile, and get to know the database AND each other.

If you have not already done so, sign in to Realm at onrealm.org/esuc. Here’s how:

Step 1 — Sign In

Step 2 — Check your Profile

  • When you’ve successfully logged in, the News page will welcome you.
  • Look for your name in the upper right corner of the screen. There is a down-arrow next to it. Click that to reveal your account menu.
  • Click My Profile. Your contact information will be displayed.
  • To verify the info or to make changes, click Edit Profile.
    • You will notice a padlock icon next to each field that contains information. You can use that to manage the privacy of that info. “Everyone” means that it is visible in the directory (NOT everyone in the world, just in the church). To change Privacy settings, see below.
  • If your birthday is not in, PLEASE add it (including year) no one will see the year but staff, no matter which privacy setting you use! Ages are helpful for recording membership information to the UUA.
  • When you are satisfied all your information is correct, scroll to the bottom of the screen and click Save.
  • Take time to fill in all the fields you can. When items are filled in like dietary preferences, etc. it will make registrations go even faster! Plus, by filling in interests, skills, and jobs, we can better see what groups you may fit in or what groups we need to create!
  • To change the photo, simply click on it and choose New Profile Photo. Note there is an individual photo AND a family photo! We want to see both!
  • To edit your family members, click on their profile name to the right of your profile. From there you can edit their profile in the same way. Use this as a way to update your children’s or spouse’s information. You can also edit their privacy settings.
  • If there is something that is incorrect, and you can’t update it, send a note to Nicole at [email protected] 
  • To manage privacy settings, click Manage Privacy
    • By default, the viewing of your contact and personal information is limited to members of groups you are in, group leaders, and staff members. If you choose to, however, you can make your information visible to the en*re church. But if you prefer to be more private, you can customize how people see specific information. 
      • Contact Information: Name, Address, Phones, and Email.
      • Personal Information: Marital Status, Family Position, Member Status, but you also have the option of sharing your birthday, gender, allergy information, and skills with people in your church. 

Step 3 — Check out the Directory

  • In the left column, click “Directory” only those who have updated their privacy settings will appear, so if you don’t see your friends, give them a nudge!
  • Check out some of the members, get to know them and reach out!

Step 4 — Check your Giving info

  • In the left column, click “Giving.” Your giving information will be displayed.
  • There are a number of tasks you can manage on this page.
    • The Giving tab is preselected, showing the gifts you have made in the current year. If the online records don’t match yours, send a note to Vanessa at [email protected] so the discrepancy can be resolved.
    • To make a donation click + Give.
    • In the Current Pledges box on the right, you can view Past, Current, and Future pledges.
    • Your 2020-21 Pledge hasn’t been added, yet, but if you look at your profile and see if it says “Confirmed” means we have received your pledge card. It will only said “Confirmed” on the “Head” of the house.  If you have a question about your 2020-21 pledge, email Nicole at [email protected] 

Step 5 — See Upcoming Events

  • We know someday we will be able to get out of the house and get back to attending some of the amazing events East Shore has to offer! 
  • Check out some of the upcoming events!

Step 6 — Explore Groups

  • Groups and classes are an important part of our church, and now you can connect with the people in them throughout the week. You can keep track of upcoming meetings, who’s bringing what, and what’s going on in each other’s lives.
  • Groups include: Connection Teams, and more to be added!