Help Design the New

by David Langrock

The East Shore Outreach Team is forming a New Website Task Force and we could use some folks to help us with all the work!

No website design skills necessary – we will be recruiting and contracting a firm to design and build the site.

You will be perfect for this team if you:

  • Want to grow East Shore
  • Have a talent and/or training for radical inclusivity & empathy
  • Are passionate about website-user experience

Goals of the new website:

  • Built for the public (though still very useful for members)
  • Simple, mobile-first design
  • Highlights those things that non-members and prospective members care most about
  • Everything else stays on our current website which becomes members only

Youth are welcome! And, we are willing to do meetings by Zoom to be open to all.

Please contact Nicole Duff at for more details on how to join.