Help Members Stay Connected

by Nicole Duff, Membership Development Manager

Since the pandemic started in mid-March, I have been working on ways to keep in touch with members. For those who do not have an email, I have been mailing poems, notes, and other articles to let them know they are not alone and we are here.

In April, members of the Board and some other members called EVERY SINGLE MEMBER at East Shore to check in. Thank you to those who made the calls, and those who answered and spent time talking and building community.

Now, we have a better grasp on just how long it could be before we are back at East Shore, spending time with one another in person… and the answer is, it could be a long time. So, I want to help all members stay connected.

While our Sunday attendance is staying strong, seeing new visitors and many members, not all members are attending. There are many reasons I’ve heard from “I don’t feel comfortable with Zoom” to “It’s just not the same.” I hear that, and understand… but we also don’t want you to feel disconnected from your beloved community.

I’m now asking all of you to help me! I am looking for a new team of Membership Connectors to help call, email, write… and maybe even meet social distanced and in small groups with one another. If we get enough volunteers the list could be as little as 10 members each! The idea is you would build a relationship and contact each other on a monthly basis (though if you want to talk more often I encourage that!).

If you can help, email me at and let me know if you prefer to call, text, write, or email members. Our mission statement encourages us to build community… and right now, we need it more than ever!