Helping Hands Ministry: Many Hands Make Light Work

Mar 1, 2018 | News

Helping Hands provides members of East Shore a little extra help for whatever reason, especially when family member/friends unable to meet the needs. This can include cards, calls, and e-mails when recovering from an illness, hospital visits, home visits, preparing +/or delivering meals, food shopping, giving rides to appointments, help with light housework, light yard work, walking a pet, getting up on a ladder to change light bulb/smoke detector.

How Does it Work?
Request for help usually goes to Minister, Lay Pastoral Minister, or Helping Hands Coordinator, Carol Sinape. Once a need is noted, our Helping Hands Coordinator contacts the East Shore Member to determine what help they might need. Information is collected regarding Zip code (Connection Team), and other groups they might be involved in such as Covenant Circle, other Ministry groups, Other Groups (Book club, Men’s Breakfast Club, Coffee Klatch, etc).

Then, the Connection Team Helping Hands Liaison is contacted to become person to oversee members needs, including keeping the Helping Hands Coordinator, Lay Pastoral Minister, and Minister informed about needs being met or not.

How Can I Help?

  • Some Connection Teams have no Helping Hands Liaison. We are currently seeking helped in these zip codes: 98004—98006–98027–98029(98074;98075)–98033 (98034)- 98040. If you live in one of these zip codes, please contact Nicole Duff to add your name as the Helping Hands Liaison for your Zip Code.
  • Members who willing to help others even if not in their zip code are also helpful! Please contact Helping Hands Coordinator, Carol Sinape ([email protected]) to add your name.

Thank you! Working together we can help lighten some of our members burdens.