How Can I Give to the Endowment Fund?

Jan 30, 2021 | News

In a recent posting, we gave thanks to the church members from a number of years ago who set up and donated to the East Shore Endowment fund so that we could benefit today. And we suggested that it’s our turn, those of us who have some financial wherewithal, to donate to the endowment for future generations. We can help provide a firm financial footing for liberal religion to continue to shine a light here.

You can donate directly to the endowment by writing a check, or initiating a transfer (just work with East Shore’s Bookkeeper), and you can make that donation a one-time or a recurring donation. The Endowment is tax-exempt so your donation is deductible, and it can be made from a “Donor Advised Fund” if you have one. One touching approach that several members have taken is to make a donation upon the passing of a beloved member of our congregation, in their name.

To make an impact on future generations, please consider including the East Shore Endowment Fund in your estate planning.