Intergenerational Story Hour

Jul 2, 2018 | News

by David Chapin
About 20 East Shore members, spanning at least 70 years in age, were treated on June 17 to a wonderful “Intergenerational Indigenous Story Hour” by Paul Cheoketen Wagner (sponsored by the Climate Action Ministry and Lifelong Learning). Cheoketen is of Salish descent whose family is from Vancouver Island. He is a master story teller and accomplished flutist on his hand carved cedar flutes. Cheoketen told numerous traditional Salish stories, engaging the audience to participate and conveying the emotional ties between the Salish people and the land and waters in which they live. Interspersed with the stories were beautiful songs and flute solos. East Shore was honored to have Cheoketen share his culture, stories, and music. And those that attended certainly came away with a deeper awareness and appreciation of the close relationship that Native Americans have with their environment and the natural world.