Lake Hills Elementary Tutor/Mentors Needed

Jan 2, 2019 | News

A group of East Shore members have been tutoring at Lake Hills Elementary for the past three years. This is a high needs school (5 minutes from church) with 60%of the children on the free/reduced lunch program and 50% whose first language is not English. Working with these wonderful children is very rewarding.

Currently there is a big need for one-on-one mentors to work individually with children throughout the district. Mentors spend approximately one/hour/week with a child, on school premises, during school hours. Due to the relationships you will be forming, they are asking for a one year commitment. One friend of mine who has done this has been with her mentee throughout all of his school years. Just imagine what a huge difference she has made in his life.

A mentor is someone who affirms and inspires a young person to learn and thrive, similar to the Big Brother/Big Sister program. A mentor serves as a supportive listener, a motivator and cheerleader, an advocate and a guide. Mentoring can be an opportunity to engage in academics, emotional support, social navigation, college/career planning, and the celebration of accomplishments. Students learn best in safe, secure, and stable environments. Mentors are the additional adult in a young person’s life to promote healthy social-emotional and physical well-being.

A mentor helps connect children and youth with resources, safe places, and structured activities. Mentors encourage academic success by showing the benefits of staying in school and evaluating educational choices. Mentors help students see and strive for broader horizons and possibilities than they may see on their own. Mentors provide dependable and consistent attention and support through listening, guiding, and encouraging students to reach their full potential.

If you are specifically interested in Lake HIlls Elem., once you have completed your background check and received your OK to volunteer, go to the school’s Family Resource Center and speak with Hortensia Nunez about your availability and age/gender of child you would like to mentor. Address: 14310 SE 12th St. Bellevue. Otherwise the school district will contact you with suggestions of schools and children.

Your first step is to fill out the volunteer form/background check by filling out this form.

I hope some of you decide to take this opportunity to enhance the life of a child.
Together We DO Make a Difference!
Laurie Wick