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2019-2020 Programs

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What’s high school youth group all about?

East Shore Youth Group is a lively, vibrant community of teens, ages 14 to 18 years old, who enjoy sharing life’s many experiences with each other. Youth Group provides meaningful events in a warm, nurturing environment for all who wish to participate. The overall program follows the guidelines set forth by the national Unitarian Universalist Association to provide youth with experiences and opportunities in the following categories: worship, learning, community building, social action, leadership and youth-adult relations.

What does a typical Sunday look like?

We gather together, light a chalice, share a song and inspirational reading. We follow that up with a highs and lows check-in for the week. We want youth group to be a safer space, where youth practice vulnerability, trust, friendship, and support. Together, the youth grow deeper in relationship with one another, and inspire each other to be whole, confident, and curious human beings.

Following check-in, we use the Tapestry of Faith curriculum, selected by the youth group at the beginning and middle of the year, to dive deeper into the questions they’re curious about. Some years, that means looking into difficult topics, learning about other religions, or practicing Unitarian Universalist traditions.

We also have service projects and social events, each about  once a month, during the year.

Please get in touch with our Religious Education staff to learn more about how your youth can connect with our programs, and how we can support your family!

The Youth Group activities are planned and implemented by the youth and adult leaders with the guidance of our Youth Programs Coordinator. Amanda Uluhan is our Youth Programs Coordinator.

You can also contact Aisha Hauser, Director of Lifelong Learning.

In July 2020, Unitarian Universalist teens from the US and Canada will journey to Transylvania (a region in what is now Romania) to participate in a Transylvanian youth camp. For Transylvanian Unitarian teens, this youth camp is their key religious and community experience for the year, like Cons in the US and Canada.

Youth – want to learn about partnership? Want to experience global Unitarian community? Want to experience non-colonial international travel and community building? Want to experience the physical, tangible reality of our 500 year old Unitarian ancestry? Go on this pilgrimage.  (PS – Rev. Kate Landis from Shoreline Unitarian Church is leading it!)

More information can be found on the UUPC website here.

Here’s who to contact for more info:

Melody Moberg: Director of Religious Education, University Unitarian Church