Memorial Garden Plant of the Month: Trillium 

Apr 30, 2021 | Beacon, News

The Memorial Garden Ministry Team would like to highlight a different plant every month so that as you stroll through the garden you may be able to recognize some of our native plants. Trillium is appropriately named because it comes in a package of threes—3 wide leaves, 3 white flower petals that turn pink as they age, and 3 green sepals. This plant arrives in the Spring, as early season sunlight is needed.

Take a walk through the Memorial Garden and enjoy the trillium that is now in bloom. We also have a single red trillium (trillium erectum) that was selected as a memorial plant a number of years ago. Trillium can live up to 25 years but may die back in the heat of the summer. Have faith, because this wonderful plant will reappear next Spring.


by Connie Hirnle