Mystery Memorial Garden Plant of the Month: June 2021

Jun 2, 2021 | Beacon, News

I was strolling through the Memorial Garden a few weeks ago when I saw a beautiful plant that was in full bloom with white scented flowers. It was an evergreen scrub about 5 feet tall, with green leaves having 3 leaflets. I asked a friend, who often works in the garden and is very knowledgeable about plants, the name of the plant. She did not know the name and said a few other people who she asked could not name it either. So I’m asking each of you, if you know the name of the plant please email me at [email protected]. There might be a small reward in it for you. Also this might encourage each of you to take a stroll through our Memorial Garden to enjoy the beauty that you can experience even if you don’t know the name of all the plants you see.