New Conference Room is Ready for Use!

Jul 27, 2019 | News

You may remember that for the Auction Fund-A-Need last November, our members and friends contributed to a virtual conference room equipment package.  After careful due diligence, over the past months E-201 was fitted with dual screens, a camera, computer, speaker system and a dedicated Zoom account.  Now, anyone can join a meeting in E201 with video and/or audio to participate without having to be physically present.  This technology is in alignment with our goals for membership growth and inclusivity.  Folks who previously couldn’t participate in groups because of kids, travel, traffic, etc., now have a new option- they can Zoom in from any smart device or call in from any phone.  The staff has been trained on the equipment so they can set it up and make sure it’s working. Written instructions are also kept with the equipment, just in case. 

You can now request the room using the Internal Group Room Request Form, selecting “Conference Room (E-201)” and make sure in the Setup Needs box you mention if you want to have a conference call or video conference (or both).

Thank you to all who contributed to the Fund-A-Need! Those include: Mary Anderson, Bill Austin & Jeanne Macauley, Tom Ball & Catherine Ramsey, Ruth & Dave Baumgart, Paul Buehrens, Jerry Bushnell and Karen Dawson, Keely Cofrin-Allen, Kim Coghlan & Mike Garner, Grace Colton, Christian Dimaano & Kevin Werner, Bruce Dodge, Thomas & Paula Doe, David Edfeldt & Bonnie Steussy, Jan and Dennis Fleck, Steve Furrer, Jenny & Trevor Hall, Gayle Knoepfler, Nancy and Frans Koning, Jeanne Lamont, Marcy & David Langrock, Bob Lewis, Karen Lutz, Margaret Hall & Craig Nelsen, Paul & Jen Marks, Alan and Kathie Moritis, Milly Mullarky & Ralph Lutz, Donna Nolan, Mark Norelius & Elaine Richlie, Jan and Lucie Persson, Janis & Carter Pock, Ruth & Tim Russell, Ben Sakamoto, Sally & Pat Moore, Marcia Sill, Barbara Stevenson, Amanda Alice Uluhan, Steve Wellons, Laurie Wick, Louise Wilkinson, Beth Wilson, Emily & Lee Winstrom, Jason & Aimee Woolwine, and Susan Yates. We also could not have done it without the promotion of the Fund-A-Need by the 2018 Auction Team. And a special thanks to those who helped sort out the technology, especially Lee Winstrom, Ralph Lutz, Tom Ball, Brett Hill, and Executive Director, Jason Puracal.