New Lifespan Integration Team & Aisha on Sabbatical

May 1, 2018 | Learning, News

by Aisha Hauser, Director of Lifelong Learning

New Lifespan Integration Team

The Children and Youth Team has broadened its scope and is now the Lifespan Integration Team. This Core Team  will work closely with the Director of Lifelong Learning and the RE Programs Coordinator on overseeing the ways in which faith development and learning needs of all ages are being met at East Shore. The Team will identify any “holes” in programming and work to address them. The Team’s scope will include continuing the stellar RE program needs of pre-k through high school youth.

The LIT members are:  Walter Andrews, chair; Carla Schneider; Carrie Coello; LeAnne Struble; along with ESUC staff Aisha Hauser, DLL and Amanda Alice, RE Programs Coordinator.

There is a subcommittee of the LIT that will concentrate on Adult Programs; this group is: Ryam Hill, Laura Rivendell, and ESUC Staff Dianne Upton.

Aisha Hauser on Sabbatical

It is with deep appreciation that I thank our Board of Trustees for approving my request for a three-month sabbatical. I will be away July through September, returning to work on October 1. My intention is to renew my spirit and spend time with my family. I will also be working on a book with a UU minister on shared leadership. I honor the East Shore community and in order to bring my best self to my ministry, it is important to take time to rest, rejuvenate and renew. This time away will help. The Lifespan Integration Team, Amanda Alice, and LeAnne Struble have been working with me to offer RE during the months I am away.