East Shore LIVE

East Shore Live: A Performance Gallery is a concert series featuring diverse artists in many genres from across the Puget Sound region. We offer extraordinary live performances each month (February through May) in a relaxed and family-friendly setting that is:

  • Intimate – LIVE events focus on getting up close with artists & performers
  • Interdisciplinary – multiple art forms and presentation formats co-featured
  • Interactive – audience participation segments often feature artist Q & A and discussion
  • Informal – relaxed, club-like atmosphere with food & drink served

All performances take place in the sanctuary of East Shore Unitarian Church.  Admission is $20, and is open to all ages. Come join us LIVE!

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Past Shows:

February 17: “Tap it Out” featuring Alchemy Tap Dance Project

The Alchemy Tap Project presents a modern and creative take on a classic American art form. With innovative choreography, impressive technique, and infectious performance, ATP takes tap dancing to a whole new level! The program will include material set to jazz, Latin, and electronic music, and will incorporate the use of drumsticks, chairs, comedy, and even a little audience participation. Join us for an evening that just might change the way you see the art of tap dancing!

March 17: “Crazy for Community”: Live Improvised Comedy and Music

Unexpected Productions has been the leader in improv comedy in Seattle for over 25 years.
They will improvise skits and songs to celebrate how our differences help define and enrich our communities. Join us for an evening of song, silliness and pure creativity!

May 19: Cascade Jazz presents “History of Latin Jazz”

John Chmaj leads a high-energy 10 piece jazz ensemble on the 100-year multi-cultural journey of jazz and Latin music. From the early blues and swing days through bossa nova, modern jazz and popular music, latin and jazz styles have evolved and informed each other. Featuring a full horn section, percussion and swinging vocals, this is will be a powerhouse performance!

June 23: “Is It Just Me?” featuring Eric Lanes Barnes, East Shore’s Interim Music Director

‘Is It Just Me?’ traces a young man’s journey out of the dark depths of a Pentecostal church (“everything but the snakes”) through the hazards and mishaps of early gay adulthood, to a place of relative peace and contentment. Songs, scenes, monologues and a frank and open use of puppets fuel the show.