Getting To & Around Seabeck

Seabeck & Surrounding Area

Once a thriving mill town, Seabeck today consists of the Seabeck Conference Center and the surrounding community, including the General Store, an historic cemetery, pizza, gift shop, café, and espresso businesses, and the marina.

Chuck Kraining is the Seabeck Conference Center executive director. The Conference Center includes over 90 acres with housing, meeting areas, dining hall, woods, a lagoon, beach access on Hood Canal, the Cathedral in the Woods, trails, a swimming platform, tennis courts, volleyball, a children’s playground, and ping pong. A refrigerator in the dining hall is available for guest use. Guests are advised to leave valuables at home, as most doors to guest rooms have no locks.

Silverdale, the closest city, has supermarkets, pharmacies and a mall. It is a 15-minute drive from Seabeck. Scenic Beach State Park is two miles south and west of Seabeck. It has beautiful woods, a picnic area and beach, and a spectacular view.

Communications with the World

Most cellular phones work here, though depending on your service provider, coverage can be spotty. There are phones in the Inn lobby and outside the Pines lounge for local calls and calling card calls. There is a pay phone across the street outside the General Store. Wireless internet access is available throughout much of the conference center grounds. Mail received by Seabeck is distributed at dinner. Postage may be purchased at the Seabeck Conference Center office. Outgoing mail is picked up from the office at 4 p.m. The Seabeck office, which also sells souvenirs, is open until 6 p.m. The office can be reached at (360) 830-5010 during office hours or in case of emergency.

Coming and Going to Seabeck

Essential to the experience at Seabeck is the sense of community we create during the weekend together. To help foster this intention for a safe, inclusive environment, we encourage you to arrive opening day, to base your experience on the grounds of the conference center, and to stay the full length of the conference. It is especially important that newcomers to Seabeck arrive in time to attend the Ingathering and that children and youth be present on the first meeting of their morning program.

We also ask that, if at all possible, you refrain from inviting any unregistered friends or family to visit you during your stay at camp. If you expect visitors, plan to meet them at a location off conference grounds. If you have a visitor on-site, our Planning Committee requires the following:
•    Ask Dean in advance for approval
•    Notify Registrar for day-use fee payment and visitor nametag
•    Visitors may not stay overnight

In Case of Emergency

In case of emergency, call 911 and then notify the Seabeck office.

First Aid supplies are available in the Inn Lobby and in the children’s program areas. Fellow campers who would like to volunteer for First Aid assistance will be identified at the check in on the first day. For additional assistance, call Dean, Jennifer Joslyn Sill at (206) 755-0052.