Our Wholes Lives Sexuality Education at East Shore

by Amanda Alice Uluhan, RE Programs Coordinator

Our congregation will host more than 60 participants on Labor Day Weekend during an Our Whole Lives (OWL) Sexuality Education training. We’ll be getting trained in the Elementary ages, Youth ages, and Adult ages courses. Aisha Hauser and Milly Mullarky are two of the six trainers that will facilitate this program and prepare our congregation for a full OWL year! Big thanks for the generosity of our members and staff through food support, staff coordination, space accommodation, and most of all, clarity of vision around the justice and equity of this critical ministry.

OWL is an amazing program that directly supports the mission of this congregation and faith, and speaks to the inclusion, health, respect, and responsibility that we strive to uphold. Communities surrounding East Shore resonate with its missions, and adults, families, and children alike find that it feeds their need for accurate, safe, and relationship-based sexuality education. East Shore has already offered many levels of the OWL program to the congregation and community members and is excited to expand its program this year to include more adult offerings.
Our Whole Lives (OWL) is a comprehensive lifespan sexuality education curriculum, co-created by the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) and the United Church of Christ (UCC). OWL uses age-appropriate language to teach self-worth, responsibility, justice, and sexual health, from simple discussions on how our bodies work for the littlest ones up to a brand-new program meeting the complex and under-served needs of older adults 50+.
Many of you are already aware of OWL’s tremendous value, having seen the positive changes the classes have encouraged in your children. Perhaps you’ve experienced them yourself, or you’re among our dedicated OWL facilitators, past and present (for whom I am endlessly grateful!). After witnessing its impact, my guess is you’d agree that OWL transforms the lives of those it touches. It is our philosophy that parents are the primary sexuality educators for their children, and this is a way our faith community supports parents in that effort. We hope the OWL program serves as a catalyst for healthy conversations at home. For Adults, OWL can be an opportunity to deepen relationships and healthy sexuality, often providing new information and perspectives into how we can each take responsibility for our own well-being and that of the community.

 This year, ESUC is offering OWL for our children and youth 1st-2nd Grade, Ages 6-8, and 5th-6th Grades, Ages 10-12, 7th-8th Grades, Ages 12-14, and 10th-11th Grades, Ages 15-17. We will also offer OWL for Adults, Ages 25-50 and Older Adults, Ages 50+. For more information on OWL programs email coordinator@esuc.org or visit esuc.org/learning/owl