P-Patch: Spring Has Sprung

Mar 1, 2018 | News

Did you know that East Shore has an organic church-community garden? For about ten years, East Shore members have grown food, herbs, and flowers, in small plots, just behind the playground. Maybe you’ve grown plants before, maybe you just need some more space, maybe you want to be outside with other plant-lovers, or maybe you’ve got something to learn; whatever the case may be, we’d love to have you join this year!

How does it work? P-Patch Ministry consists of p-patch gardeners, community gardeners, home gardeners. P-Patch gardeners pick a little plot, and tend to it as they wish, developing the space and plants in the space. P-Patch gardeners contribute some of what they grow to the weekly Sunday produce table, described at the end of this paragraph. Community gardeners come to work parties and to help with the perennial plants that have been established in the garden, and to care for the common areas like paths and the work shed. All tools are supplied on site for the P-Patch Ministry team! Home gardeners bring produce that they’ve grown off-site to share on Sunday mornings before and after worship service. Donations for this produce always go to support a gardening project outside of the church. The produce, flowers, and herbs are always fresh and organic, so stop by this summer to pick up some real delicious treats! The first plant sale of the year is May 6th! Tomato starts will be available.

For the 2018 season, we’ll be planting seeds, tending to their care, learning more about soil and garden maintenance. In the fall, we’ll be working to support the Holly House decision, and to design our future space if needed. We could begin transitioning and transplanting as early as September.

Summer RE classes also take place outside and participate in gardening and learning with Amanda. This is a great way for families to get involved in the P-Patch ministry team. Older children and youth learn to cooperate and aid in younger children’s activities, and the younger children share their sense of wonder and enthusiasm with all of us! There’s something quite special about enjoying the very nature of life together. We’ll also be planting seed for Hopelink community gardens May 6th! All ages are welcome to join.

Upcoming work dates are:
March 31: 12pm-4pm
April 8: 1pm-5pm
April 22: 1pm-5pm

All ages and levels of experience are welcome: each one, teach one is our motto! Please contact Amanda Alice to get involved today [email protected]