P&G Lite: October 2018

Sep 26, 2018 | News

by Ann Fletcher, Chair of Policy and Governance Committee

P&G stands for Policy and Governance Committee (of the Board), but don’t let that stop you from reading on!  If you continue, you will get a “lite” and member-relevant taste of how our church governance is coming together.

How are we doing?  Last year nearly every group in the church developed a charter which fulfilled the first part of a new Board policy.  Impressive work!!  During the summer, groups had the opportunity to give feedback on the charter template they used.  Now they are being asked to complete the second part of the Board policy which is to review and update their charters annually.

What does this have to do with you, as a member?  Charters help the different parts of the church to run together smoothly and collaboratively—like oil for the engine or linkage within the wheel in Rev. Steve’s sermon September 23.  When that happens, members enjoy a better experience and more good things can be accomplished.

If you belong to a group in the church, its charter agreements ensure that it reflects our UU principles and that its tasks are done in legal, effective, and efficient ways.  Charters help groups think about their purposes and goals and how their work ties in with East Shore’s Mission, Goals and Plans.  Charters define each group’s authority and give it a supportive structure within which to creatively pursue its members’ passions.  The annual charter review helps teams keep themselves current and in touch with the church.

Want to support the charter efforts?

  • If you belong to a group, support your chair in reviewing and updating its charter
  • Let Board or Committee members know if you have questions about the charters
  • Respond to opportunities for member comment or feedback on charters
  • If you have an interest in charter or policy work, please let me know. You may be able to help the P&G Committee support the Board and East Shore.