RE-Flections: HUUGS!

Feb 27, 2021 | Beacon, Learning, News, RE-Flections

HUUGS: Huge Unitarian Universalist Gratitudes & Snacks! Gifts for Young Adults

We sent out Valentine’s Day care packages to several young adults in the extended East Shore community. We had them packed on our February Soul Saturday-our stuffie sleepover just before the Blessing of the Animals worship service. They included a chalice, some treats (okay, lots of snack treats!), a coloring book, stickers, a UU book and bookmark, some pamphlets, and a way to connect with the church. In the years to come, this will be an opportunity for church members to gather, write notes, and offer some goodies to the package.

As a DRE, I’m aware we’re dong some things really well in the way we care for children and youth, and in other ways, we’ve got some gaps to fill. One of those gaps is the way we continue to care for our youth as they become young adults. The way we include them as they are emerging from teenagers, into people who vote, live on their own, and learn more and more skills to take care of themselves. They’re also learning how to share themselves with the larger world. Let’s ensure we’re a part of their journey, and they are a part of ours along the way!

by amanda alice uluhan, Director of Religious Education