Right Relations Facilitation Team Expansion

Aug 31, 2019 | News

by Louise Wilkinson

I was pretty new to East Shore when I joined the Right Relations Facilitation Team. We had just had a communication skills training in the sanctuary and I wanted to continue learning about listening and interacting in ways that reflect the seven principles. The team meetings became practice sessions using real issues in our lives, so of course we got to know each other in deep and trusting ways. I look forward to using the skills and attitudes I’m developing in service to the greater East Shore community. – Jennifer Sumner.

The Right Relations Facilitation Team is welcoming new members! Join us to facilitate the building of trust and community at East Shore.

We have been working to learn more loving and inclusive ways of interacting, conducting church business, and engaging with hurts and conflict. We are living and learning around inclusion and want to invite everyone who is interested to join our team. We welcome you to work with us to learn more caring and life-serving ways to engage with and support ourselves and others in difficult situations, and in every day interactions. Perhaps you’ve experienced some of our sessions or circles and know the power of deep listening and sharing. Perhaps you have feedback for us that will help us grow. Together we can foster a culture of caring and trust.

You are invited to attend our monthly circles to experience first-hand how we are creating space for deep connection. You are also invited to sign up for one of the Nonviolent Communications classes held in September and the first half of October, to learn the skills many of us have been working with over the past year and a half. We will welcome new members with a 4-hour retreat in mid-October, to reform as a team, learn and plan.

Please let us know of your interest by September 1. Email Milly Mullarky [email protected], Mary Anderson [email protected], or Louise Wilkinson [email protected].