Salish Sea CUUPS

Dec 24, 2022 | Beacon, News

East Shore now offers a chapter of CUUPS, the Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans, for members, friends and anyone from the local community. We meet monthly to share inspiration and resources for Earth-Centered and Pagan spiritual practices, share readings and songs that resonate with us, and connect with each other in community and friendship.

In addition, we lift up Pagan and earth-based perspectives for church and for the local community, through our annual Winter Solstice service, an upcoming outdoor worship space, and readings and blessings that enrich our other worship services and social events.

If you are drawn to earth-centered spirituality or are curious about pagan spiritual life, we welcome you to attend a meeting. We invite members and friends of East Shore, as well as Pagan-identified folks from the greater Eastside community.

by Carrie Coello