Search Nominating Committee Needs Your Help

Feb 11, 2016 | News

How will we at ESUC find our next minister? The Search Committee is a vital part of finding the minister best suited to guide East Shore into the future. The Board is following the process recommended by the UUA to form the Search Committee for our next minister.  To that end, the Board has selected a Search Nominating Committee (authors of this e-mail), who are charged with reaching out to each member of the congregation to solicit nominations for the Search Committee; from the information gathered, the Search Nominating Committee will select a panel of about 8 persons to represent the people and interests of the East Shore community in its search for a new minister.

As part of this process, we, the Search Nominating Committee, are reaching out to you to ask: who do YOU trust to do the important work of searching for a new minister for our congregation? Please keep in mind that the work of the Search Committee will require considerable time and energy from each member over the next 18 months. It is necessary that each Search Committee member be able to fully commit to the workload required to accomplish this task.

We are asking each congregational member/friend to nominate up to 3 persons (and yourself, if you like) for the Search Committee. Please provide your input via this survey. Your contributions will not be anonymous (we are charged with reaching all ESUC members, so we need to keep track of who responds) but you can rest assured that your contributions will remain confidential. Thank you for your input!

Fill Out the Survey Here

If you have any questions or comments, please contact any or all of us on this Search Nominating Committee: April Atwood ([email protected]), Karen Dawson ([email protected]), Connie Hirnle ([email protected]), David Langrock ([email protected]), Lon Turner ([email protected]), and Board Liaison Jack Slowriver ([email protected]).