Seeking Facilities Volunteers

Jul 28, 2022 | Beacon, News

In the months following our return to on-campus activities, we have discovered there are holes left where wonderful volunteers used to be.  In addition, our caretaker staff has been reduced from two to one which impacts coverage and labor available, especially on the occasion of a large onsite event or activity.

I invite you to consider volunteering for one or more teams and functions under the facilities umbrella.  If you see an activity within the opportunities shown below that suits your fancy, please email [email protected].  Please indicate which team is of interest to you.  We can arrange a phone call or an in-person meet-up to discuss.  I am also happy to connect you with members who are currently involved in these teams if you have more specific questions.  Having a pool of volunteers to contact would be ideal so as not to place large burdens on too few people.

Flower Team:  Prepare flower arrangements for Sunday services, weddings, memorials, and other events as requested. The beautiful creations of the flower team never fail to bring joy and calm to the environment.  All levels of experience welcome.

Campus Aesthetics Team (CAT):  This group plans for shows in the gallery area of the Sanctuary foyer, hangs/sets up the shows, and removes them. In addition, CAT is consulted when there are suggestions or changes recommended for enhancing the campus. Some experience in any type of art or decorating is helpful, but not required.

Kitchen Fairies:  Some years back there was a delightful group of members who would do a deep clean of the North Room and Spring Hall kitchens a number of times a year while they chatted and enjoyed one another’s’ company.  That group has disbanded; but it will make for a much more attractive and sanitary environment if some members and friends are willing to help resurrect a brand-new team.  And if you don’t love the name of the group, feel free to make it your own.

Kitchen Fairies Lite:  East Shore groups are responsible for cleaning up their own messes after functions, which includes washing and putting away dishes, cleaning coffee pots, sinks, counters, etc.  Often the cleanup is completed, but sometimes not.  We could use some folks willing to make sure the kitchens look ship-shape after events or even sometimes after Sunday coffee hour.

Set-up Assistance:  When onsite events are planned, such as Auction, BBQ, Salmon Bake, outdoor Christmas Eve, weddings, memorials and such, we are in need of help setting up and tearing down tables, chairs, canopies, trash bins, and decorations.  Our lone caretaker and many East Shore team members would be very grateful.  Truly one of those many hands/light work situations.

Grounds Team:  East Shore’s wonderful Grounds Team is second to none in keeping our campus well-maintained and looking gorgeous.  The team meets approximately monthly to work together on the campus or occasionally to come in individually or in smaller groups to work on specific projects or watering.  No experience required.  If you love working outdoors with nice people, this is the group for you.

Hospitality Team:  Following memorials, weddings, or other celebrations, families are often in need of assistance in the kitchen/buffet areas during receptions.  There is no requirement to prepare food, but just helping set out serving platters, dishes, napkins, and making coffee, and at the end of the event removing items from tables and cleaning up.  We currently have a wonderful chair, but no one yet has stepped up to fill out the rest of the team.  Working alongside a family during a joyous or tender situation is extremely important and rewarding.