2018: Opening to Purpose

Michael Foster joins us to reflect on his upcoming incarceration for civil disobedience. Michael is the Seattle climate activist who turned off the North Dakota Keystone Pipeline and gave up his livelihood, his family, and his freedom. Michael will inspire our thoughts on service to something greater than self, the costs, and the considerations. As we step into our own new years, we are defining meaning and purpose for our own lives.

Michael Foster, M.Ed. in Counseling Psych helped individuals and families since 1995, beginning with adolescents in the Oregon Desert. Now he speaks in schools and churches, and volunteers with families who take action to restore their future, with grassroots organizations Plant-for-the-Planet, Our Children’s Trust, 350Seattle, Climate Change for Families and The Climate Reality Project. He stood trial in October for shutting down the Keystone 1 pipeline and is awaiting sentencing, now scheduled for February 6.