East Side Homelessness

Compassion drives UUs to help the less fortunate. If you know where to look, there are those without permanent shelter all over the east side. East Shore supports two organizations helping those without permanent shelter. They will discuss what that means and how we can put “compassion in human relations” into action.

Karina O’Malley is a community advocate for people experiencing homelessness. In 2008, she helped Helen Leuzzi to start The Sophia Way, a nonprofit serving women experiencing homelessness on the Eastside, and continues to serve on the board. In 2011, she was part of the group to start the Lake Washington UMC Safe Parking program, a church ministry serving women and families living in their cars, and currently serves as program coordinator. Her greatest joy is to match untapped resources with unmet needs..

Barrett Compton is a Shelter Supervisor for Congregations for the Homeless. You will be sure to see him around campus in October! He is also a graduate of the Congregations for the Homeless program, he has been clean and sober for a number of years.