Paddle to Lummi 2019: A Spiritual Journey

Every year since 1989, indigenous nations from Alaska, British Columbia, Washington and Oregon travel in traditional ocean-going canoes to a host site for days of cultural celebration. This year, the Lummi, a nation with 5,000 registered members near Bellingham, will host the Canoe Journey from July 24-28. Join us for a moving service as members of the Lummi and Duwamish tribes share their stories, songs and spiritual journeys with us.

Bio: Freddie Lane is a long time community leader currently serving on the Lummi Nation Council. As a videographer, he has documented the Lummi Totem Pole journeys. He also serves as the Public Relations Director for the Lummi Indian Business Council and has taught film at the American Indian Film Institute. His commitment to protecting the Salish Sea compelled him to represent the Lummi at the COP21 talks held in Paris in 2015.