Seeking Spiritual Consciousness

Jun 16, 2019

Often seeking an enhanced spiritual consciousness seems to be incompatible with the stresses and demands of our everyday experiences. Sarada shares her journey in seeking enlightened consciousness through the discipline of meditation, a journey which she had pursued while grounded in work, family and the community. Also, how that inner energy and realization has become integrated with her given life. Her book is about personal experience she had gone through towards attaining self-realization/enlightenment through a practice of meditation.

It explains why meditation is the most direct way to reach Realization and will address common misconceptions people have about enlightenment. (A pragmatic way based on practical rather than theoretical considerations and does not focus on any one religion). The book explains how to balance spiritual discipline with our everyday life and what it means to be “home at last,” which is the ultimate purpose of this existence, and how we all reach that destination eventually.

Sarada Chiruvolu left a pharmaceutical career to pursue a spiritual calling. She set out on a unique journey that has taken her toward attaining realization of Self or Enlightenment through many years of deep meditation. She is the author of a book “Home at Last: A Journey to Higher Consciousness” which discusses her experiences and meditation practice. She lives in Princeton, New Jersey.

Here is a link to her talk at a Seattle book store the night before, and her web site.

East Shore Unitarian Sermons (Bellevue, WA)
Seeking Spiritual Consciousness