The Journey to Purpose

Aug 27, 2018

We may find ourselves at a loss for too few or too many options as we seek to pursue a purposeful life and to live according to our own deepest truth in all areas of life. Brandon Peele, Author of Planet on Purpose, will share the three worlds of purpose (upper/spirit, middle/human, lower/soul) and the science of purpose, suggesting that purpose is the key to making our highest contribution and living in integrity. He will then facilitate an exercise to reveal a deeper experience of our unique purpose.

Brandon Peele helps leaders and teams discover their higher purpose, create a fully aligned and electrified life. As author of Planet on Purpose (2018), Brandon brings to life the science of purpose, the pathway to discover and embody it and shares a vision for a global political economy and culture that empowers every one of our 7.5 billion human family to reach their fullest potential.

East Shore Unitarian Sermons (Bellevue, WA)
The Journey to Purpose