Water is Life or ?

Today CAM explores The 3rd Testimony in honoring the earth. Come to celebrate and learn about the wonders around us and initiatives to protect our planet.

Sarah van Gelder is co-founder and editor-at-large of the award-winning YES Magazine, which nationally recognized for leading-edge solutions to major ecological and human challenges of our times.  In August of 2015, Sarah embarked on a road trip to Native reservations, Rust Belt cities, small Appalachian towns, and ranching communities.  Her book, The Revolution Where You Live, is the story of that trip.  She also writes for other magazines, websites, and newspapers and speaks as a guest on radio and TV.

Sarah lives on the reservation of the Suquamish Tribe, where, along with a tribal elder, she founded an organization to combat anti-Indian hostility.  As co-chair of that group, she collaborated with the tribe to win the return to the Suquamish of the land where Chief Seattle once lived.  She currently serves on the board of the tribally chartered Suquamish Foundation and participates in the tribe’s canoe family on the annual canoe journey.