Small Group Ministries at ESUC

Oct 31, 2019 | News

by Missy Poirer and Anne Kerlee

Being in community with one another is an essential aspect of coming together as a congregation. Building community is one of the pillars of East Shore’s mission, and East Shore has provided several small group experiences to build connection with others. All are welcome to participate in any or all of these circles. More detailed information may be found online in The Beacon and weekly notices.

Community Circles

Community Circles have a structured framework for encouraging discussion and enabling all voices to be heard. Everyone who shows up and is willing to be guided by our agreed procedures is welcome. Each circle is hosted by a leader who introduces the process and offers some reflection questions to which participants respond. It’s an opportunity for us to listen and engage authentically with each other in an inclusive, supportive setting, and to explore topics that bring meaning to our lives. All are welcome to attend any of these circles, which are offered at various times, and as often as one chooses.

For more information, please contact: Louise Wilkinson

Covenant Circles

Covenant Circles enable members to deepen and broaden their personal spiritual growth. These ongoing circles consist of approximately 8 members who commit to meeting regularly, usually twice a month for about 1 1/2 hours. Members create a covenant among one another to listen and to be heard, to explore our spiritual paths, and to build new and deeper personal connections. During each session, there’s a time for personal check-in, followed by a topic for exploration and discussion. Confidentiality is upheld within the circle.

For more information, please contact: Nicole Duff

Board Listening Circles

The Board of Trustees is responsible for developing short- and long-term policies and procedures for East Shore. These Trustees play an integral role in maintaining the viability of our campus and congregation and in creating the future of East Shore. The first Saturday morning of each month, a Board Trustee meets with congregants to listen to our ideas, issues, and concerns. This is an opportunity for us to participate in the governance of our congregation.

For more information, please contact: Board Trustee.