So, You Want to Teach RE?

Jun 1, 2019 | Learning, News

Looking to engage with Unitarian Universalism in a deeper way? Want to promote our seven principles in the lives of our young people? (Want to learn what the seven principles actually are?). Do you like storytelling, music and art making, game playing, or just good conversation? Then, you might be one of the few, the proud, the RE volunteers of ESUC! Opportunities to teach or assist are available at all age levels. Teachers work in a team. Please contact Amanda or Aisha for more information! [email protected]

Please help thank our wonderful RE teachers this year! Nursery through age 5: LeAnne Struble, Mollie Player; 9 a.m. RE: Walter Andrews, Annelise Holverstott, Aleta Finnila, Barb Clagett; 11 a.m. K-1: Chris and Katie Edwards, Sheila Chin, Miko Masters; 2-3: Leta Hamilton, Sally Walcott, Nicky Woolwine, Taya Montgomery; 4-5: Ann Carden, Shelly Gillmann, Jennifer Alviar; MSYG: Elaine Cox, Lindsay Fogelquist, Tom Doe, John Chmaj; HSYG: Bill Chappell, Leatha McKenzie, Nancy Barnes.