Climate Solutions – What You Can Do?

There are three spheres of influence everyone has in doing something about climate change: as an individual, as part of your community, and as a citizen.

As an individual

On the road…

  • Drive less by combining trips, taking public transportation, and riding your bicycle
  • Get a vehicle that uses less fuel or, ideally, an electric vehicle (EV)
  • Take fewer airplane trips
  • Buy carbon offsets for the remainder of your carbon footprint

At home…

  • make sure your home is energy efficient (good insulation, Energy Star Rated windows, ducts and pipes wrapped)
  • install solar panels or join a community solar program, if that isn’t feasible
  • eat less (or no) meat and buy food that is locally grown in soils without chemicals

As part of your community

  • Bring up the importance of climate change in your conversations with neighbors (schools, book clubs, over the fence chatting about the weather, etc.
  • Make your personal actions to reduce your carbon footprint visible (rooftop solar panels and an EV in the driveway are great)
  • Promote community organizations and activities that support climate action

As a citizen

  • vote and support candidates who support climate action
  • support legislative bills and government policies that lead to a renewable energy society
  • write letters to the editor about climate action (e.g., the need for carbon pricing)
  • comment on EISs about and demonstrate against fossil fuel infrastructure projects (coal, oil, natural gas ports)
  • write letters to your state and national legislative representatives telling them you support climate action
  • go to representatives’ town halls and tell them you support climate action
  • Join organizations that are promoting climate action (like Citizens Climate Lobby to promote a national carbon fee and dividend)

Additional resources from ECAM’s April 19 Earth Day 2020 online workshop.