Current Climate Actions & Upcoming Events

Climate Action Forum sponsored by CAM at ESUC , Feb 2014

Although there are no upcoming events scheduled, there are lots of local opportunities to work on climate action. Here are a few:

  • Get involved in 350 Eastside. 350 Eastside meets monthly at East Shore Unitarian Church on the 3rd Wednesday of the month, 6:30 pm potluck followed by meeting  from 7-8:30 pm. 350 is the hub for climate action on the Eastside and works on a variety of climate actions.
  • Join Citizens Climate Lobby and help move their national carbon fee and dividend proposal forward in Congress.  There are chapters in Bellevue, Kirkland, and Issaquah.
  • Work with CENSE to oppose Energize Eastside, a much bigger and also unnecessary transmission line proposed by Puget Sound Energy through many Eastside neighborhood. This project would result in thousands of trees being cut down.
  • Get involved in People for Climate Action.  PCA is group on the Eastside that was organized to make sure King County and it municipalities follow through on the “K4C” agreement (King County-Cities Climate Collaboration).  There are PCA subgroups for each city on the Eastside and Seattle, which you can link up with to join others in your community on this important campaign.
  • Write letters-to-the-editor regarding the need for climate action.  Look for articles in the Seattle Times that are related to the need for climate action and respond in a day or two with a letter to the editor (click here for an online form).  For the local “Reporter” papers (Bellevue Reporter, Redmond Reporter, Kirkland Reporter, and Issaquah-Sammamish Reporter)  etc.), no need to respond to anything specific – just write a letter (e.g., we need carbon pricing).