Speaker: Rev. Dr. Stephen H. Furrer

Demythologizing Christmas

Rev. Furrer will speak on the heart of Christmas when its stripped of all the schmaltz and commercialism.

“Demythologizing Christmas”

I want to talk about the heart, the essence, of Christmas.
It’s a holiday laden with myth—all holidays are laden with myth though few so
clearly as Christmas. … read more.

On Sophistry and the 2020 Election

Plato considered the two greatest threats to the state to be the tyrant, and the sophist. Of the two, he considered the sophist far more dangerous.

“Sophistry and the Forthcoming 2020 Election”

This morning I shall be preaching
on the national election in 2020—367 days away. I … read more.

The Spiritual Legacy of Christopher Columbus

We used to celebrate Columbus Day. Now we celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day. The ambivalent legacy of Christopher Columbus and how it affects great swaths of Global social location, identity, and cultural understanding.

“The Spiritual Legacy of
Christopher Columbus”

This past week we celebrated
Columbus Day. I want to … read more.

Love Is As Love Does

In tribute to National Coming Out Day on October 11, I will be preaching on the life and research of Evelyn Hooker. Dr Hooker’s death in California twenty years ago passed relatively unnoticed, but people looking for modern heroes and heroines should take note: Evelyn … read more.

Revelation Is Not Sealed

A touchstone of liberal religion is the idea that the revelation of religious truth is not sealed in a book of scripture, a particular myth, one prophet’s insight, or any particular religious authority or hierarchy. It’s open and ongoing. What does this mean about how … read more.

Four Paths, Four Yogas, One Church

The Hindu faith, recognizing that different people processes information—including “spiritual” information—differently, recognize four different yogas (jnana, bhakti, karma, raja) for the four different types of people (reflective, heart centered, work centered, and body centered) *Please note, we return to two services this week, at 9:00 … read more.

Water as Symbol

Annual ingathering and re-commitment ceremony where members and friends are invited to bring a vial of water symbolic of their summer activities and pour it into a common bowl with a few words about the days ahead. After service, all are invited to our annual … read more.

East Shore History: Part V, 2015-2019

The four years following Rev. Peter Luton’s June 2015 resignation have been tumultuous… and bold. Notes on a year without a minister and the interim ministry of Rev. Dr. Elaine Beth Peresluha and ever since.

“The ESUC Story; Part Five:

From 1994 through 2008
things went along pretty … read more.

ESUC History: Part 3, A Tribute to Joan Montagnes

The mid-sixties through the mid-two-thousand-teens, with particular attention to the nine-year ministry of the Reverend Joan Montagnes.

“The ESUC Story: Part III, A Tribute to Joan Montagnes”

Chadbourne Spring served East Shore through the first growing
years, helping the church establish itself in the community with a church
structure … read more.