Rev. Dr. Elaine Beth Peresluha

All Will be Well

This is Elaine’s last Sunday with us. We will celebrate our time together, welcome new members. This is also our Flower Communion service, please bring a flower if you’re able! Dr. Norbert Capek first celebrated the Flower Communion June 4, 1923, in Czechoslovakia as a … read more.

The Third Reconstruction

Today will be a day to engage your minds and your hearts in thoughtful reflection on people, planet and profits. Rev. Jim McEachran from St. Andrew’s will talk to us about affordable housing and his congregations’ Imagine Housing initiatives; and I will be reflecting on … read more.

Poetry Sunday

April is National Poetry Month and we want to hear from East Shore’s poets. This Sunday we celebrate our creative writers.

Author Unknown


Has it burned out on its stage,
In a fire and fury of individualism?

Or is there one last breath
In this moment… on … read more.

Fools Rush In

…. where wise men fear to tread.” The Fool- too often dismissed as impractical, silly, irresponsible and illogical is really quite the courageous character. We risk looking “foolish” when we take a chance, play or try something new. To really fulfill our destiny- sometimes we … read more.