State Legislature Needs to Hear from You!

Jan 31, 2023 | Beacon, Climate, Justice, News

Are you overwhelmed with emails asking you to act on legislative proposals? Or do you want a way to easily voice your opinion about important bills?

I have found that the 350 WA Civic Action Team (CAT) twice a week emails spot on in providing an easy way to take a few actions that only take 5-10 minutes of your time.  The bi-weekly email  lists the bills with top priority for the week—many because are deadlines for comments. After the brief explanation of the bill, click on a link to register your Pro or Con position on a bill. You may add a comment, but it is not required.

350WA says: “We recognize that folks don’t always have time to get all the way through our actions, and that is okay! Every little bit helps. Like last year, we’re indicating actions as having different priorities, in order to make it easier for you to allocate your time. We just ask that you get through as many sections as you can and then scroll to the bottom and click the orange “Done” button to submit. This way we can keep an accurate tally of how many actions the CAT campaign takes this session.

We’re thrilled you are with us; together we can have a significant impact in making our state a leader in climate action and social justice!”

Here is the link to join the CAT:

by Kristi Weir, Chair, Earth & Climate Action Ministry Team