Thank You for Supporting Congregations for the Homeless

Nov 19, 2021 | Beacon, News

On the first of October, the Congregations for the Homeless rotating shelter arrived at East Shore.  With the governor’s Stay At Home / Stay Safe COVID restrictions, East Shore members were not allowed to meet with the shelter’s clients. However, with the generous help of East Shore’s staff, many members and outside organizations, the shelter operated successfully 24/7 for the entire month.

East Shore alone did not provide all of the necessary support.  The Redmond United Methodist Church provided dinners and the First Congregational Church of Bellevue provided breakfast and lunch makings in the first half of the month.  Cheryl Jurrus of St. Andrews Lutheran church and the Bellevue Hyatt each provided two dinners.

East Shore members Lisa Atwell, Azar Bergerson, the high school youth group lead by Doug Strombom, Den Kerlee, Ned and Louise Kurabi, the Monday Night Covenant Circle, Karen Ramsahai, the Ramsey-Kerlee Covenant Circle, Evelyn Smith, Jim Shuman, David Tauscheck, and Priya Vaidyanathan provided dinners in the second half of the month.

Under the able leadership of Peggy Phillips, Julie Heise, Arthur Knapp, Barbara Stevenson, and Mike Radow shopped in the second half of October.

Den Kerlee obtained financial support from Northlake Unitarian Church and Woodinville Unitarian Church.  East Shore members Jerome (Jerry) Bushnell, Tom and Paula Doe, Dennis and Janet Fleck, Lindsay Fogelquist, Carla Hellekson , Susan Lybyer, Ralph Lutz and Milly Mullarky, Kathy and Alan Moritis, Mark Norelius and Elaine Richlie, Carter and Janis Pock, plus Lee and Emily Winstrom provided financial support.

by Dean Dubofsky