Thank You From Latin Empire Seattle

My name is Vanessa Rodríguez and as you know I am the Bookkeeper here in ESUC.

As you know, my passion are the non-profits and help my Latino Community. And for that reason, with my niece and 2 friends founded Latin Empire of Seattle.

Our mission is help Hispanic Women Small Business Owners to promote their businesses and services. Also, we offered workshops to grow our businesses and as professionals.

On October 30, we had a workshop about how important is have discipline to have success in our business. We reserved a meeting room in one of the libraries in Kent. However, at 3:45 on the day of the event, I got an email that our reservation was canceled! You can imagine the stress, the disappointment, frustration. I was begging to the manager and explained the situation, but without success.

I explained my situation to the staff. Thanks to ESUC, Jason, Dianne, the Sextons and the wonderful team in Latin Empire of Seattle and Altagracia (our speaker), in less than 2 hours we moved our event from Kent to ESUC and have a great time learning and networking as you can see in these pictures.

The most incredible, all these facilities was a donation from ESUC. Everybody, was so happy that one of the ladies mentioned hey we can continue using these facilities to our events.

In fact, we already rented the Sanctuary and the North Room to our Business Christmas Fair. It is going to be on December 7 from 12:00 pm until 8:00 pm and we are going to have different vendors like jewelry, handcraft, food, clown and Mr. Mouse for the kids.

And again thanks so much for your help,