The Automatic Doors Are Here!

Aug 30, 2020 | Auction, News

The 2019 Auction Fund-A-Need project funded installation of Stanley automatic doors in our buildings. We are excited to announce that this project is completed. When we are finally able to return to onsite services and meetings, you will find brand new automatic doors in the Sanctuary building, Administration building, and the Education building. They open smoothly with just the push of a button and offer convenience and ease of use for cane or wheelchair users and anyone whose hands are full toting belongings, supplies, or babies. The staff will get a lot of use on Sunday mornings as we dash from place-to-place picking up and delivering items for the services, coffee hours, RE classes, etc.

Many thanks to the 2019 Fund-a-Need donors for helping bring this “wish list” item to fruition.

by Dianne Upton, Facilities Manager