The Directories Are In!

Oct 1, 2018 | News

You’ve been asking and now they are in! The new photo directories are available to pick up. 125 families were included in this rendition of the directory and each receive one free copy. There are also copies that can be used in the offices of East Shore.

This new directory is different than years past. Lifetouch now offers what they call “Community Books” which allow us to have them updated as often as we are able. Unfortunately, that means only those who got their photo included are free, any extras must be paid for from the Membership budget. So, how does the Community Book system work?

  • Once we have 15 families willing to take a photo, Lifetouch will come back!
  • Reasons for photos can include:
    • You missed the first time around
    • You’re a new member! (Welcome!!!)
    • You HATE your photo
    • A new baby, spouse, haircut
    • You lost 50 pounds
  • At that time, new photo directories will be printed for all those already included, PLUS those new photos!
  • Everyone who has a photo included will get a NEW directory.

So, do you want to be included? Stop by Nicole’s office to be put on the waitlist. Once we have enough people, a date will be set with Lifetouch and notifications will go out.

In the meantime, for those who have already had their photo taken, please stop by the office and get your directory directly from Nicole!

If you did not have your picture taken for the directory, and do not plan to do so at the next session, you may request a directory and your name will go on a wait list. Once we know how many requests we will distribute or draw name. Notice that we have to pay for any directories for people that did not have their photo take. We have a few extras that the Membership Team budget paid for, but we need to conserve our budget for new member classes and general membership activities, such as paying for coffee for Sunday mornings.