Transylvania Partnership Update

Aug 31, 2019 | News

by Paul Buehrens

Beloved fellow members of ESUC:

After 5 years of participating with our joint Partner Church committee Westside Unitarian Universalist Congregation (WSUU) and traveling to our Partner Church in Transylvania myself in 2014, this ministry has come down to just myself and is too small to qualify as a ministry at ESUC. Fortunately, WSUU has maintained more than that and will carry on the Partner Church connection begun by Leon Hopper shortly after the fall of Ceaucescu and the initiation of a renewed Partner Church effort by the UUA in 1990. I personally remain attached to Torocko Szentgyorgy (TSG) and my friends there and for now, will continue to attend the TSG Partner Church committee meetings monthly at 12:15 pm on the second Sunday at WSUU. I will also continue to post items of interest from TSG and our friends there to Facebook and the East Shore Connections group there.