Trinkets & Treasures: Save Your Stuff!

by Barb Clagett
Coming this August!
Trinkets & Treasures 2019 is on the Church Calendar. Now is the time to put this garage sale on YOURS! Now in its 9th year, this event is dedicated to our dear friends in the Khasi Hills – fellow Unitarians (our partners) who have built an elementary school dedicated to instruction in English and focusing on a broad curriculum. We help pay for teachers’ salaries and other pressing needs of the Friendship School.
***New this year: our sale will take place in the main building: the Sanctuary, North Room, South Room, and even the foyer!

Important Dates

  • August 4: Start bringing your donations to church August 4th! Temporarily, these items will be stored upstairs in Room 204 in the Education Building. If you won’t be in town then and have to find a home for your things earlier, please contact Barb Clagett at 206-356-2644 or She has a shed at home in Sammamish to accommodate your needs.
  • August 18-22: Volunteers sort, organize, and price the items you bring in. (See list below.) You will hear more about this and have a chance to sign up to help out in July-August. Karen McManus may be calling you from her sailboat in New England!
  • Wed., August 22, late afternoon: East Shore members get first shot at buying the sorted assortment of items!
  • August 23-24, during day: sale open to the public!

So – on these cloudy, snowy days – start to go through your closets, drawers, garages, and attics for things you no longer need or want such as clothing and shoes for all ages, toys, table and bed linens and blankets, kitchenware, sports equipment, garden tools and supplies, technology equipment that works, books of all kinds, small pieces of furniture, art works, jewelry, and those special items you have that just might need a new home. They should be “saleable” – i.e., in good condition.

If you come across items at home that are worn out, torn, stained – in other words, nonsaleable – put them aside as well and watch for a notification on what to do with these items. For now, put them aside in bags or boxes.
We on the Khasi Hills Ministry Team are ever so grateful for the support you, the congregation, as well as the staff, give us to make this sale a success. Our Khasi friends send their heartfelt thanks as well. The proceeds we send them made a HUGE difference to them!