Update on Washington Can’t Wait Campaign

Dec 22, 2021 | Beacon, Climate, News

East Shore’s Earth and Climate Action Ministry (ECAM) supports Washington Can’t Wait (WCW) initiative to fight for action on climate change, environmental justice, and housing equity by passing the biggest changes to the Growth Management Act in three decades. Last month we reported on the three bills we hope will be passed in the next legislative session which starts January 10.

What we forgot in that article was to give the link of how to sign up for campaign updates. Once registered you will receive timely emails with links to register your support for these important bills. Sign up for campaign updates.

Visit WCW for further information.

Contact Kristi Weir of ECAM if you have further questions about WCW or if you want join ECAM.

P.S. Here is a quick summary of the three bills we support.

  • HB1099 requires planning for climate-resilient communities, addressing environmental justice, and reducing vehicle miles traveled.
  • HB1220 requires planners to address affordable housing and to end race and income discrimination in housing. This bill was PASSED but failed to have funding appropriated to support the planning process. We need to SECURE that local funding this year.
  • SB5042 will close a loophole that allows for “illegal” urban sprawl. Currently, during the appeal period for a proposed expansion of a growth boundary, building permits can be issued for the expanded area. If expansion is not approved, the permits are grandfathered in so voila—urban sprawl.

by Kristi Weir, Earth and Climate Action Ministry Team