Volunteer with East Shore LIVE

May 31, 2017 | East Shore Live, News

East Shore Live is looking for more volunteers to create a 2018 season…our 4th! We are a group of volunteers that puts together a series of high quality performances featuring diverse artists in many genres from across the Puget Sound region. The performances are at East Shore and are part of church outreach and fundraising efforts. We need volunteers for marketing, refreshments, and other activities. Contact John Chmaj or Grace Colton with questions or interest by July 1. \East Shore LIVE offers extraordinary live performances that are open to the public and in a relaxed setting at East Shore. Each show aims to be intimate, interdisciplinary, and informal. We are part of the fundraising and outreach efforts of the church.

The “East Shore LIVE: A Performance Gallery” team currently has 7 core members plus about 6 regular volunteers.  In 2017 we sponsored 6 events. Each performance has attracted an average of 50 paid attendees, at $15.00 per ticket. Performers are paid with a portion of the proceeds.

Volunteering for East Shore LIVE


We are looking for someone to help market our great shows out to the larger community.  We’ve had good success building an audience within our own church community.  We need someone with the passion and persistence to help keep East Shore Live current and attractive for the Eastside community at large.  An ideal marketing lead can help us develop effective messaging approaches, help push online advertising and promotion during our season (one show per month in the first 3-6 months of each year at present), and communicate with the Outreach team at ESUC.  It would be great to engage someone with marketing experience, but a passion for helping us push our messages out on a regular basis is as important. See www.eastshorelive.com. If you’d like more info on ESL and our efforts, contact John Chmaj or Grace Colton by July 1 – we’d love to talk with you!


Our relaxed and intimate setting includes snacks and drinks for sale during intermission at performances. We need someone who wants to either use the current way of doing refreshments OR wants to try something new in cooperation with the core East Shore LIVE steering committee. The ideal refreshment lead will  have an eye for detail, be organized, and passionate about operating refreshments without a financial loss while adding to the atmosphere we are trying to create. Being reliable and regularly able to organize refreshment for our guests at shows is important.

If you’d like more info on ESL and our efforts, contact John Chmaj or Grace Colton by July 1 – we’d love to talk with you! Marketing and Refreshment volunteer leads would need to be available this summer for planning and meeting with the East Shore LIVE steering committee.

Create show program

We need someone to create the programs for each performance. Working with the steering committee, you can update what has been created or design new ones. If you would like more information about this, contact John Chmaj or Grace Colton.

Other periodic or one-time tasks also need volunteers. If you have interest in volunteering or want more information, contact John Chmaj or Grace Colton by July 1.