What Does the East Shore Personnel Committee Do?

by Jerry Bushnell

Your Personnel Committee exists to advise, inform, and give perspective to the Board of Trustees about personnel matters.  Some specific things we do include:

  • Monitor staff pay relative to UUA guidelines
  • Monitor compliance with changes in employment law, such as the new State Family Leave Act
  • Audit Personnel files for accuracy and completeness
  • Assist the minister with staff relations
  • Assist in maintaining the personnel manual
  • Work with the Right Relations Committee to help with conflict resolution
  • Monitor the UUA compensation and staffing news website

The Personnel Committee is not involved in hiring or firing staff, but we do conduct exit interviews when a staff member leaves employment.

The Right Relations Committee is available for helping with conflicts that may arise among members or staff.  In the event of a conflict between a member and a staff member or vice-versa that cannot be resolved through help from the Right Relations Committee, the Personnel Committee has available the “ESUC Congregant to Staff/ Staff to Congregant Feedback Procedure.” If you have questions about this procedure, please contact any member of the Personnel or Right Relations Committees. 

Current members of the Personnel Committee are Sheridan Botts (Chair), Lindsay Fogelquist, Maxine Voetberg, and Karin Pierce.  Staff liaison is Reverend Steve and Board liaison is Jerry Bushnell. We have space for more members, so if you are interested, contact one of the committee members.

The Right Relations Committee members are Louise Wilkinson (Chair), Mark Norelius, Jack Slowriver, José García, and Aisha Hauser.