Kubota Garden Tour with Geri Kennedy

12700 Southeast 32nd Street, Bellevue

All those who identify as women are invited to experience the beautiful fall colors and garden design at Kubota Gardens. We will spend about an hour on this casual walking tour with Geri. Meet at the entrance Welcome Board near the parking lot.


Grief GroUUp

Online Event

Grief GroUUp
Wednesdays, May 12 & June 9, 4:00-5:30 pm
Rev. Furrer and Milly Mullarky are convening a Grief GroUUp we suspect may interest some of our membership and help meet their current emotional needs. These are people who have recently lost a loved one and are in various stages of grief. You or someone you know might benefit from a supporting/listening/caring small group where we can offer ourselves to one another, including insights and strategies gleaned, and shoulders upon which to cry.