All Day

2021 Auction: United

12700 Southeast 32nd Street, Bellevue

This year, 2021, we will run the auction online, but we hope to also have an in-person live event at East Shore on Saturday November 13th. We will host a zoom party as well, to allow those who are unable to participate in-person to still join in the fun.  Keep the evening of Saturday, November 13 free.

Expanding Women’s Business Ventures

Online Event

How can women of limited means, those who are most excluded in American society, get started in business – and stay in business? Our speakers, Celia Weisman and Maria Alejandra Amiel from the non-profit “Ventures”, will address how these women, often BIPOC or immigrant, can fulfill their dreams of owning a business. To help such new entrepreneurs, Ventures’ work revolves around removing barriers to success by providing access to training, coaching, micro-loans and networking. You will learn the impact that owning a small business can make in individuals’ lives and in under-resourced communities. You will find their stories of determination heart-warming. Please join us!